Uri Valdé MiniZ World Champion 2011

We are glad to anounce that our TRPscale driver Uri Valdé has win the MiniZ World Cup in 2011 using our batteries rp747 and rp900 and our MiniZ body Mosler MT900. Thank you Uri!! More information: https://radiocontrol.technicalrp.es/modalidades-radio-control/kyosho-miniz/uri-valde-se-proclama-campeon-del-mundo-en-2011/

Regional Rules 2010

The new Regional rules of PN Racing World Cup are done. Please the clubs interested in participate in this big event in the world contact us. The drivers please read carefully the new rules for this year.


This is the new Layout for the 2010 PN Racing Mini-Z World Cup Regionals. All clubs/tracks interested in make a regional of this great event in the world, please contact us. Necessary Items: 4 x Wide-L (Ref. C17440) 24 x Straights (Ref. CZ1111) 44 x Blank tiles (Ref. RCP-BLANK) 8 x Hi curves. (Ref. C50004)